Salaries in Computer Forensics

Computer forensics salaries can vary widely depending on whether the computer forensics position is located in the private or the public sector. Computer forensics professionals who work with law enforcement offices of state and local agencies typically earn less than those who work for private government contractors. The typical computer forensics salary can fluctuate based on the degree level completed, security clearances acquired and the amount of experience the individual has. Geographical location does dictate what the computer forensics salary will be, and you'll find that salary ranges for jobs in this field are typically higher than the average in the major metro cities.

Average Computer Forensics Salary

Most candidates applying for a position in the field of computer forensics, cybercrime investigation and Internet security aren't able to find out what the computer forensics salary is until they are offered a position. However, you can do some research online to find out what the average computer forensics salary is for similar positions in your area.

The average computer forensics salary for analyst positions ranges from $39,000 to $99,000. This does not include bonuses of $500 to $14,750. Senior analysts would typically earn salaries at the higher end of this scale, while entry-level analysts would earn at or below this pay scale.

It’s important to remember that the actual salary range for computer analysts and computer forensics professionals depend on several factors, including:

  • Geographical location of the position
  • Whether the position is for a public or private firm
  • Years of experience the computer forensics professional has
  • Level of degree completed (bachelor's or master's degree)
  • Type of examiner

Varying Salaries in Computer Forensics

Computer forensics salaries do vary significantly depending on the type of examiner. If you are pursuing a position in the public sector or the government side, you may be serving as a police officer, civilian examiner, law enforcement professional, military personnel, civilian examiner for the military, civilian contractor for military and defense contractors, or working with government regulatory agencies. Private government contractors typically earn much more than these individuals and may take on a variety of roles throughout their careers.

States that Command the Highest Computer Forensics Salary

You'll find that computer forensics salaries vary significantly by state and you'll find even higher salary ranges in these areas if you are serving as a private government contractor. Some of the states that command the highest computer forensics salary ranges include:

  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Some employers may offer relocation packages for candidates that are willing to move out of state to obtain their position, and most high-paying jobs do offer attractive benefits packages and even bonuses. Researching different computer forensics salaries around states you may consider moving to can help to narrow down your search when applying for a computer forensics job or when starting a new career. Computer forensics jobs are expected to be in high demand in the oncoming years regardless of the state you are working in and are among the most competitive fields in the country.